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2017-2018 CMAQ/STBG Funding Program                                 Small RSS icon Receive updates with RSS

The Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program funds air quality or transit projects that address attainment of National Ambient Air Quality standards in non-attainment areas.  Surface Transportation Block Grants (STBG) funds mobility and air quality projects that address transportation needs within Metropolitan Area boundaries with populations greater than 200,000.

In April 2017, NCTCOG presented a process to select CMAQ/STBG projects via several funding programs to the Regional Transportation Council (RTC). Proposed project funding programs include:

Federal/Local Funding Exchanges

Purpose: To increase regional revenues through the exchange of federal funds and local funding. This effort establishes Phase 3 of the RTC/Local program.


Action: DART TRIP Partnership approval received by RTC in March 2017.


RTC Presentation – January 11, 2018

Federal/Local Funding Exchanges Project Table – January 11, 2018


Automated Vehicle Program

Purpose:To advance automated vehicle testing, infrastructure, and deployment in the region.


Action: RTC Action – Approved April 2017.


RTC Presentation – April 13, 2017

Automated Vehicle Program Project List – March 16, 2017


Strategic Partnerships

Purpose:To coordinate and develop partnerships with local agencies to help fund high-priority projects, leverage non-RTC funds, and advance project development.



Action on Collin County LIP/LIRAP occurred October 2016.

Collin County LIP/LIRAP Presentation – October 13, 2017

Action on Southern Dallas County Partnership occurred May 2017.

Southern Dallas County Partnership Presentation – May 11, 2017

Action on Hemphill/Lamar Connector Partnership occurred April 2017.

Hemphill/Lamar Connector Presentation – April 13, 2017


RTC Presentation – April 13, 2017


Planning and Other Studies

Purpose:To provide funding for planning and feasibility studies to examine future project scenarios.


Action: Coordinate approval with the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) action in July 2017.

RTC Presentation – July 13, 2017
FY2018 and FY2019 UPWP Funding Table – July 13, 2017


10 Year Plan / Proposition 1 Adjustments

Purpose: Designated to fund any overruns on Proposition 1 projects not already handled through the 10 Year Plan effort.


Action: RTC Action – Approved funding changes to the affected Prop. 1 projects summarized in RTC August 2016 Reference Item 6.1. Approved funding changes to fully fund the IH 635 East Phase 1 project as summarized in Electronic Item 6.2 ( Electronic Item 6.2 ).

Discuss/finalize details with the TxDOT Districts.

RTC Presentation – December 8, 2016
Regional 10-Year Plan and Next Decade of Projects Table – December 8, 2016
Endorsement of Reprogramming of Funds on IH 635 East Phase 3 – November 9, 2017


Sustainable Development Phase 4: Turnback Program, Context Sensitive, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Projects

Purpose: To support sustainable development initiatives by providing funds for Turnback Partnerships, Context Sensitive Design, and TOD projects.


Action: RTC Action – Approved March 2018.


RTC Presentation – March 8, 2018

Sustainable Development Phase 4 Final Recommendations Table – March 8, 2018


Transit Program

Purpose: To assist regional partners with innovative transit projects and provide alternative modes of transportation throughout the region.


Action: RTC Action – Approved July 2017.


RTC Presentation – July 13, 2017

CMAQ/STBG Transit Program Table – July 13, 2017


Assessment Policy Program(s) / Project(s)

Purpose: Implementation of a policy to assess the increased value of transportation improvements to adjacent property, so as development occurs along the project area the RTC is repaid for improvements funded along the corridor.

RTC Presentation – April 13, 2017


Local Bond Program Partnerships

Purpose: To leverage bond funds of projects of strategic importance to local governments and the region.


Action: RTC Action – Proposed list of projects approved October 2017.


RTC Presentation – October 12, 2017

CMAQ/STBG Local Bond Program Table – October 12, 2017


Safety, Innovative Construction, and Emergency Projects

Purpose: To support operations, safety, innovative construction, and emergency improvements.


Action: RTC Action – Pending April 2018.


RTC Presentation – April 13, 2017


Management and Operations (M&O), NCTCOG-Implemented, and Regional/Air Quality Programs

Purpose: To consider extending existing and funding new regional air quality and management/operations programs.


Action: RTC Action – Pending Fall 2018.


RTC Presentation – April 13, 2017


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