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The Cedars

The Cedars, an area just south of downtown Dallas, was one of the first suburbs of Dallas filled with ornate Victorian homes. Rapid industrialization transformed the Cedars from its original residential character into a multi-use area composed primarily of industrial and commercial/retail uses. Much of the Cedars area is now composed of vacant or abandoned land and buildings. Residential uses are very limited, but four major developments are helping to bring this neighborhood back to life.

The Cedars Station, located at the intersection of Belleview and Wall St., serves as a catalyst for development by reconnecting this area to Downtown Dallas.

Just west of the Cedars Station is the former Sears Roebuck & Company Catalog Merchandise Center. This 10-story complex has been transformed into a 455-unit loft "live and work" center complete with specialty retail, leisure, entertainment, and dining uses. This building also serves as studio space for local artists, allowing them to display their work in galleries located within the building.

In keeping with the vision of rebuilding a complete neighborhood on Dallas' South Side, the new Dallas Police headquarters building has been located on land between the Cedars Rail Station and the South Side on Lamar development.

Gilley's, a country and western establishment, recently opened an entertainment complex located just one and a half blocks south of the Dallas Convention Center on Lamar Street. There are a variety of themed bars and restaurants, a giant amusement arcade, a rodeo arena, and retail shopping.

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