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Transportation System Management Project Implementation Program Area

Traffic monitoringThe Transportation System Management Project Implementation program area focuses on improving the operational characteristics of the system through Transportation Systems Management strategies. FWTAhoroughfare Assessment Program (TAP) aims to maximize the effectiveness of arterial traffic signal systems and traffic flow through operational improvements in regional thoroughfare corridors.  An LED Traffic Signal replacement program is currently underway.  Also included in this area is development of detailed traffic flow information on the region’s freeway system obtained through the use of low-level aerial photographs. This information will be used to identify freeway system deficiencies
including system bottlenecks as well as other operational constraints.



  • Natalie Bettger, Senior Program Manager (Lead)
  • Marian Thompson, Transportation System Operations Supervisor
  • Eric Quintana, Transportation Planner
  • Gregory Masota, Transportation Planner
  • Barbara Walsh, Administrative Assistant

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