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Progress North Texas
A transportation project doesn't just happen. Once a need is identified, it takes years to plan and build the project before people can use it to get where they need to go. And whether a road, rail line or bicycle-pedestrian trail is the focus, it takes a team approach to make an improvement reality.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments plays a part in this process, working with transportation partners and the public to make sure the needs of residents and employers are met. There are certainly challenges, such as the region's rapidly increasing population and a transportation funding shortfall. But this team approach helps North Texas navigate these and other hurdles.

Billions of dollars are being spent in North Texas to improve travel and keep us safe, whether we drive, ride our bicycles or take transit. Progress North Texas 2015 provides an update on transportation advances and explains how they can benefit families as you move throughout the region. The North Central Texas Council of Governments understands people’s transportation needs differ based on where they live, work or go to school.

Improving Transportation for Your Family
For the fourth year, student artwork is featured in Progress North Texas. The North Central Texas Council of Governments invited Garland ISD sixth- and seventh-graders to illustrate how they would improve transportation for their families. The theme was carried throughout this year’s report, with a focus on how NCTCOG and its partners are making the system more efficient and safer for the people who live, work and go to school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The winning entries are featured in the printed version of Progress North Texas 2015:  Improving Transportation for Your Family.  All of the artwork entered is included in the slideshow.

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Art Contest - First Place
First Place
Ruben Ramirez
7th grade
Sam Houston Middle School

Art Contest - Second Place
Second Place
Emily Tran
7th grade
Jackson Technology Center

Art Contest - Third Place
Third Place
Leslie Barker
6th grade
Austin Academy

Art Contest - Third Place
Honorable Mention
Samantha Hernandez
7th grade
Jackson Technology Center

Art Contest - Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
Yexson Lazo
7th grade
Sam Houston Middle School

Message from the Chair
So often, we hear about the funds being spent to improve transportation and find it difficult to relate to the money being spent. We want to put things in perspective and explain what the work being done around the region means to you. More >>>

Growth in Your Region
Dallas-Fort Worth is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the country with almost 7 million people. Much of the future population and employment growth will be concentrated in the four core counties, but the impact of expansion will be felt throughout the region. With more commuters, the transportation system must evolve to ensure North Texans continue to enjoy a reliable system well into the future. More >>>

Improving Your Commute
Most of the region’s residents drive where they need to go, but money is also being spent on transit and bicycle-pedestrian improvements so families can reach their destinations more reliably and enjoy the amenities the region offers. The August 2014 opening of Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s light rail service to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is one of many service enhancements making travel easier for families. Roadway and bicycle-pedestrian enhancements ensure that as the region welcomes more people, the transportation system remains reliable. More >>>

A Safer System for You
NCTCOG is implementing and supporting projects and programs intended to make the region’s transportation system safer. Training first responders through Freeway Incident Management courses helps ensure roadway incidents will be cleared quickly and efficiently. NCTCOG also made funding available to agencies to assist in the purchase of equipment to help keep the roads safe. More >>>

You Have Options
New technologies are creating more travel options, helping people get to doctor’s appointments without a car, use transit more efficiently and share rides to work or special events. A significant investment was made in 2014 in active transportation options, including pieces of a regional trail that will ultimately provide better access to parks, nature areas, schools and businesses in the heart of the region. More >>>

Connecting You to the Region and the World
NCTCOG and its partners continue to develop a transportation system capable of efficiently moving people throughout the region and the world. Sustainable development supports developments encouraging walking, bicycling and transit use as alternatives to driving. Dallas-Fort Worth is also home to two major commercial airports, making it a gateway to the rest of the world. More >>>

Improving Your Health
Cooperation is important in the continuing effort to improve the region’s air quality. Much progress has been made, thanks to a combination of local, State and federal initiatives, as well as assistance from the public. Through involvement with Air North Texas and other programs, residents can have a lasting impact of the environment. More >>>

We Hear Your Voice
An extensive public involvement effort helps NCTCOG understand what improvements families across the region would like to see. A combination of traditional and innovative strategies allows North Texans to participate in the planning process in ways that fit their needs. From online comment opportunities and social media to public meetings and community events, NCTCOG strives to engage diverse audiences throughout the region. More >>>

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