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Dogan Finds Clean-Air Choices Can Work Throughout the Year

Air North Texas asked residents to make at least one choice that would help improve the region’s air quality during its second annual Clean Air Action Day on July 7. Many people committed to more than one environmentally friendly action. Nicole Dogan is one resident who took the pledge a step further, incorporating her commitment into her daily routine. Here is what she said about the experience.

Nicole Dogan, resident

What commitments did you make for Clean Air Action Day?


go green, breathe clean

I reduced and combined trips in the car, used the clothesline rather than the dryer and hand washed dishes rather than running the dishwasher.

How challenging was it to incorporate these changes into your routine? Have you made these changes a permanent part of your day?
I didn’t have to make much of a change to my schedule. I am already aware of what impact I have on the environment. I have incorporated these changes into our daily routine.

Why did you decide to participate in Clean Air Action Day?
I believe that the environment is something we all have a duty to protect. For me, it is a no-brainer to sign up for anything I can do that will work toward reducing my environmental impact.

Why is it important for North Texans to contribute to the effort to improve air quality?
We all have a duty to protect the environment. Clean air and clean water are a basic need. This can only be achieved if we all do our part.

To find out how you can help do your part to improve air quality, visit You will see just how easy it is to go green. breath clean.

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