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Mobility 2035
Building a World-Class Transportation System for Tomorrow

Progress North Texas 2011

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Mobility 2035

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Map Legend
To expand the region’s growing passenger rail network, planners will rely on a mixture of public- and private-sector funding. This map shows the recommended breakdown of rail lines to be added in the region by 2035

Mobility 2035: The Metropolitan Transportation Plan for North Central Texas is the defining vision for the region’s multimodal transportation system. Approved by the Regional Transportation Council in March 2011, it identifies $101.1 billion in transportation improvements through 2035.

Logo: Mobility 2035

These improvements seek to reduce congestion and improve air quality, which is important because the region has been designated as a nonattainment area for the pollutant ozone.

Federal regulations require metropolitan transportation plans to be financially constrained. This means Mobility 2035 is not a wish list of improvements but instead an inventory of affordable projects and programs. To meet financial constraint, Mobility 2035 defers nearly $45 billion in improvements until after 2035.

Never before has the region experienced such a significant gap between regional mobility needs – which are estimated to be $395.3 billion through 2035 – and funding for the improvements. This has ushered in a new era in the way the region plans for and implements transportation enhancements.

Mobility 2035 focuses on maximizing the existing transportation system, influencing travel behaviors and making strategic infrastructure investments. The adoption of Mobility 2035 allows crucial programs and projects that seek to meet the region’s transportation goals to move forward toward implementation.

Mobility 2035 is the product of a comprehensive, cooperative and continuous planning effort. The plan seeks to increase mobility, manage congestion and air quality, and enhance quality of life for the region’s residents for years to come as population edges toward a projected 10 million. A federal air quality conformity determination of Mobility 2035 is expected this summer.

Graphic: Map of Funded Rail Projects in Mobility 2035


Mobility 2035 Goals


  • Improve the availability of transportation options for people and goods
  • Support travel-efficiency measures and system enhancements targeted at congestion reduction and management
  • Assure all communities are provided access to the regional transportation system and planning process

Quality of Life

  • Preserve and enhance the natural environment, improve air quality and promote active lifestyles
  • Encourage livable communities that support sustainability and economic vitality

System Sustainability

  • Ensure adequate maintenance and enhance the safety and reliability of the existing transportation system
  • Pursue long-term, sustainable revenue sources to address regional transportation system needs Implementation
  • Provide for timely project planning and implementation
  • Develop cost-effective projects and programs aimed at reducing the costs associated with constructing, operating and maintaining the regional transportation system

The contents of this report reflect the views of the authors who are responsible for the opinions, findings, and conclusions presented herein. The contents do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration or the Texas Department of Transportation. This document was prepared in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Trasnportation, Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration.

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