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SmartWay Transport Partnership Upgrade Kit Demonstration Project

18 Wheeler Truck
The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) and the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) partnered in a demonstration project aimed at evaluating the impacts of installing SmartWay Upgrade Kits (combinations of multiple SmartWay technologies) on emissions and fuel economy among long-haul trucks. 

Two private sector trucking company partners were selected through a
Call for Projects and awarded grant funds for the purchase and installation of Upgrade Kit technologies.  These partners then submitted performance data which was analyzed by NCTCOG staff to determine impacts on fuel economy and reduced emissions. 

Overall, the results of the demonstration project support the finding that the use of SmartWay technologies, particularly when used as a kit, is an effective tool for improving fleet efficiency, reducing emissions, and increasing fuel economy.  The final report was completed in August 2009 and is available below in its entirety. 

Final Report:  Study and Analysis of Fuel Consumption and Emissions Reductions for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks
(August 2009)

It is hoped that the results of the project will further demonstrate the fuel saving benefits of these devices and will increase their use in the freight industry.  These technologies have the potential to not only save fuel and reduce costs, but also to reduce emissions, which improves air quality. 

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Details regarding the technologies and their benefits can be found here:  SmartWay Upgrade Kit Technologies 


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