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Construction Fleets Initiatives

BulldozerAs of 2012, construction equipment was estimated to produce approximately 10 percent of all ozone-causing emissions in North Texas.  To improve air quality, the Regional Transportation Council (RTC), through the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is working to reduce emissions from this source.  NCTCOG staff has developed a model Clean Construction Specification which may be incorporated into public works construction contracts.  The specification is intended to increase the use of the cleanest available construction equipment and establish best operational practices.  Additionally, NCTCOG has occasionally offered grant funding to replace, repower, and/or retrofit construction equipment. For more details, click here

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To assess how “clean” your transportation related construction efforts are NOW, check out the Federal Highway Administration’s Infrastructure Carbon Estimator. The tool be used to compare strategies for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with existing or planned transportation infrastructure. For instance, it allows planners to estimate the relative impact that alternative fuels, alternative vegetation, used of recycled materials, preventative maintenance, etc. can play in reducing a project’s environmental footprint.  The tool is designed for use by planners and to help policymakers determine project priorities.


Some transportation project examples are:

  • Roadways and parking facilities
  • Bridges
  • Public Transportation (rail infrastructure and dedicated bus infrastructure)
  • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities

NCTCOG Clean Construction Activities

In March 2010, RTC approved a one-year Clean Construction Demonstration Project which evaluated the potential impacts of implementing the Clean Construction Specification, both for industry and local governments.  NCTCOG staff partnered with local governments across the region on a voluntary basis to incorporate the Clean Construction Specification into public works contracts and/or collect responses to the Contractor Questionnaire.  Resources for the Demonstration Project are outlined below.


Clean Construction Demonstration Project

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