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15% Rate-of-Progress SIP (1996)

skyThe 15% ROP SIP designated certain transportation projects, termed Transportation Control Measures (TCMs), as Federal Air Quality Commitments. This particular revision did not identify individual projects as commitments, but rather defined the region’s obligation by program category. These particular TCMs were to be completed no later than 1996.

Since this SIP revision does not individually identify each TCM to be implemented, individual projects did not require substitution, as was necessary in the 9% ROP SIP and the Attainment Demonstration SIP. This revision simply outlined the total number of projects to be implemented in each program area, with an associated emission benefit. Because of circumstances related to project implementation, certain program areas were not implemented to the degree initially anticipated, while others were implemented to a greater degree. This requires a substitution to re-allocate appropriate emission benefits to the different program areas. FWTAexas Administrative Code (TAC) allows for metropolitan planning organizations such as the NCTCOG to conduct a substitution process by which they may replace invalid TCMs with other projects, provided that 1) the replacement project provides an equal or greater air quality benefit, and 2) that the substitution process involves an interagency consultation process. On May 18, 2006, NCTCOG staff hosted a TCM Substitution Workshop that included representatives from local governments, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to formally conduct the project substitution as specified in the TAC. Information regarding this substitution process was also presented to the general public during public meetings on June 12-13, 2006. The Surface Transportation Technical Committee (STTC), which is the technical body for the NCTCOG, took action on June 23, 2006, to recommend that the NCTCOG policy body, the Regional Transportation Committee (RTC), approve the recommendations of the TCM Substitution Workshop. The RTC took action on July 13, 2006, to approve the final recommendations of the TCM Substitution processin RTC Resolution R06-06, which is posted below.  Staff forwarded the recommendations along with the RTC Resolution to the TCEQ on July 17, 2006, and hopes to receive TCEQ actiion at their January meeting.

The second link below summarizes the total commitment obligation for the 15% ROP SIP. The second link lists the individual projects identified by NCTCOG staff to fulfill the commitments. The projects are organized into separate program areas, and sorted within that program area by city. Any questions or concerns regarding these projects may be directed to Lori Pampell, Transportation Planner, at 817-695-9232 or by email at

TCEQ held a hearing regarding the TCM Substitution on September 28, 2006, at 6:30 p.m. at the NCTCOG offices.  This hearing was open to the public.

RTC Resolution R06-06 [PDF]

Summary - Revised July 24, 2006 [PDF]

Completed Projects - Revised July 24, 2006 [PDF]

15% Methodology [PDF]

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