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G-557 Rapid Needs Assessment

Sponsoring Institution: Dallas County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Description: In order to receive the benefits of a Rapid Needs Assessment the assessment process must be effectively planned. Assessments just do not happen when a disaster or emergency occurs. They require planning and training to support the planned activity if they are to realize their greatest potential. When needed, the Rapid Needs Assessment must be rapidly implemented by local governments. Assessment teams must be identified and trained together. The field teams need to be supported by personnel who can rapidly analyze the findings of the individual teams and presented to management to support prioritization and decision-making.

Course Objectives:
1) Explain the Purpose of a Rapid Needs Assessment.
2) Describe the starting point for planning for a Rapid Needs Assessment.

3) Describe the process for staffing a rapid needs assessment.

4) Describe the basic tools required to support the rapid needs assessment process.

5) Describe the Importance of planning data collection.

6) Describe the importance of redundant data transmission systems and means

7) Describe the importance of analyzing and reviewing data.

8) Describe additional data sources available to support analysis.

9) Describe the various methods of training that can be used to support the program.

10) Describe how rapid needs assessment plans and actions can be exercised in the community
Date: October 14, 2016, 0800-1200
Location: Dallas County EOC
2121 Panoramic Circle
Contact: Doug Bass
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