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image description here Operation Level Response to Hazmat / WMD Incidents (Class)
April 19-21, 2016
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Centerpoint Three
600 Six Flags Drive, Suite 100 Arlington, TX 76011

RSVP required by 4/5/2016

Notes: Please obtain your FEMA Student ID (SID) Number by registering on-line at the Emergency Management Institute site. Please bring the SID on training day!

Course Description
This course focuses on the unique personal protection challenges that responders face during a weapons of mass destruction (WMD)/terrorist incident or a hazardous materials incident. PER-212 is based on NFPA 472
(2008) consensus standard operations-level core competencies and personal protective equipment (PPE)
mission specific competency, as well as OSHA (29CFR 1910.120) and EPA (40CFR Part 311) response regulations.

**This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to obtain certification through the National Professional
Qualifications System (NPQS/ProBoard) as an Operations-level responder. Each student will be given the opportunity to take the ProBoard certification exam on the last day of the course at no additional cost.**

Course Objectives
Assessing WMD hazard


Contact Information:
   Brandi Farris

 North Central Texas Council of Governments | 616 Six Flags Drive P.O. Box 5888 Arlington, TX 76005-5888
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