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North Central Texas Emergency Preparedness Calendar

The Emergency Preparedness Regional Calendar provides current information regarding meetings, conferences, and classes pertaining to Emergency Preparedness.  The calendar is updated frequently as new events are scheduled.

Click on an event for details. For more information about a particular meeting, consult the listed contact or call 817.695.9235.

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Date Day Time Meeting/Event Event Type
March 8 Tuesday 0800-170 PER-304 Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery  Class 
March 8 Tuesday 9:30 AM Regional Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (REPAC)  Meeting 
March 9 Wednesday 0800-170 Social Media Tools and Techniques  Class 
March 9 Wednesday 9:30 AM Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA WX)  Meeting 
March 10 Thursday 0800-170 Social Media Engagement Strategies  Class 
March 11 Friday 8:30 AM Texas Emergency GIS Response Team Training  Class 
Date Day Time Meeting/Event Event Type
March 15 Tuesday 0800-170 L-969 All-Hazards Communication Unit Leader (COML)  Class 
March 15 Tuesday 8:00 AM Communications Unit Leader (COML) Training  Exercise 
March 16 Wednesday 8:00 AM The Best Practices in Higher Education and Emergency Management Conference  Conference 
Date Day Time Meeting/Event Event Type
March 21 Monday 0800-170 O-305 All Hazards Incident Management Team  Class 
March 23 Wednesday 8:00 AM National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) All-Hazards Liaison Officer  Class 
March 26 Saturday 9:00 am National Weather Service - Sky Warn Weather School  Class 
Date Day Time Meeting/Event Event Type
March 31 Thursday 9:30 AM Regional Emergency Management (REM) Meeting  Meeting 
April 1 Friday 8:30 AM Economic Resilience and Recovery Workshop  Seminar 


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