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Total Maximum Daily Load Program

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Greater Trinity River Bacteria TMDL I-Plan Project

In September of 2011, NCTCOG was tasked by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) with supporting the development of Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Plan (I-Plan) in the Dallas–Fort Worth area of north central Texas. The intent of the I-Plan is to address bacteria levels in several segments of the Trinity River.  The segments include two segments of the Upper Trinity River, from the confluence of the Trinity River with Five Mile Creek upstream to the confluence of the Trinity River with the Elm Fork Trinity River. Also included is the West Fork Trinity from the confluence with the Elm Fork Trinity upstream to the confluence with Village Creek.  Additionally, two tributaries of the Elm Fork Trinity River, Cottonwood Branch and Grapevine Creek, and eleven tributaries of the West Fork Trinity River are included in the project area.

The name of this effort is the Greater Trinity River Bacteria TMDL Project.  After more than a year of meetings with stakeholders, a draft I-Plan was submitted to the TCEQ in August 2012. In December 2013, TCEQ Commissioners approved the final version. The I-Plan is comprised of implementations strategies intended to reduce bacteria loading in the impacted river segments and tributaries. The implementation strategies themselves include provisions under the headings of wastewater, stormwater, planning and development, pets, livestock, and wildlife, onsite sewage facilities, monitoring coordination, and education and outreach.

In Spring/Summer of 2014, the technical subcommittees and Coordination Committee met to review the status of the I-Plan and its implementation strategies. They will meet again in 2015 and annually thereafter to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies.

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For more information on the Greater Trinity River TMDL Project or on how to become involved, contact Tamara Cook at 817-695-9221 or


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