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Vendors wishing to be added to NCTCOG's bid list must complete the Vendor Information Form. Items frequently purchased by NCTCOG include office furniture, machines, equipment and supplies; audio/visual equipment and duplication; computers, peripherals and accessories; printing services; copier paper; durable medical equipment; and data and phone cabling. Select the type of bids you would like to receive by submitting the following form.

Completing this form does not guarantee your company an award by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG).

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If your company is minority certified (51% or more owned and daily operations managed by a minority or woman or 51% or more stock owned by a minority or woman, please check the appropriate box.

If your company is minority certified and selected for an award, you may be required to provide additional documentation of certification. Other additional documentation concerning your company may also be required before receiving authorization to proceed with a contract or bid award. Documentation required may include a W-9 form with tax identification information, proof of insurance, financial statements, references and other information NCTCOG may deem necessary to proceed with an award.

Products and Services*

NOTE: When appropriate and more cost effective, NCTCOG may purchase items through a State of Texas or other competitively bid cooperative contract. In some instances, NCTCOG will award a contract to a supplier to provide products and/or services at bid prices for an extended time. Services for major consulting contracts are generally bid through individual NCTCOG departments. RFPs are listed on our web site.

Listed below are items most frequently purchased by NCTCOG. Items that are currently under contract are listed in red.

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Provider Agreement*

The information and statements contained on this form are true and complete and are made for the purpose of possibly establishing a vendor/client relationship with the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) in accordance with providing a service or product.  I understand that by completing this form, NCTCOG is not bound in any way to do business with my company.  This form is being used for informational purposes only about my company in the event that NCTCOG submits a bid or request for proposal to my company that could possibly result in a bid or contract award.

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